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Getting emergency money when you’re behind on your bills or need to finance a last-minute emergency project is not easy. When you apply for installment loans in Alberta, you can fill out the online form and get the money deposited into your bank account within 24 hours at the latest.

What are installment loans in Alberta?

When you need access to some fast cash and want the flexibility of repaying the loan over the course of a few months or years, then installment loans in Alberta are the solution you need. Unlike other common loans, such as a line of credit, the lump amount is disbursed at once and repaid in installments. When you apply for online installment loans in Canada, you can borrow from $300 to $3,000 and receive the funds within 24 hours.

No credit check necessary

How can we process your application so quickly? Because you’ll never have to provide us with a credit check to prove your eligibility. Getting a loan when you have bad credit is almost impossible, and we’re there to shake things up. If you’re a newcomer and still have not had time to build credit in Canada, you can still be accepted for our no credit check loans.

Payback in regular installments

Taking out personal installment loans requires you, the borrower, to make regular installment payments, usually in the form of biweekly or monthly. The duration of the loan can last anywhere from 6 months to 3 years, based on your unique needs. Both parties will agree on the precise repayment schedule before signing the loan agreement.

Reasons to apply for installment loans in Alberta

When life situations require you to shell out some extra cash that you don’t have, short-term loans provide flexible spending powers. From last-minute expenses to unexpected emergencies, our personal loan solutions can help you get your finances back on track.

Emergency home repairs

Leaky roof? Clogged toilet? Home emergencies need to be tended to immediately, or you risk aggravating the situation. Borrow what you need and get peace of mind.

Medical expenses

The government of Alberta does not cover all medical procedures or medications. Instead, you sometimes need to dip into your pockets to cover the costs.

Moving costs

Unless you have a devoted group of friends and family to help you move, you’ll likely need to hire a moving company. Moving is not cheap, and installment loans can help you pay for your entire move.

Veterinarian bills

If your beloved pet is sick, you’ll do anything to make them feel better. After all, they are a cherished family member. Don’t let a hefty vet bill get you down. Our easy loan solutions can cover these costs fast.

Paying off late bills

Sometimes life gets in the way, and bills go unpaid, which unfortunately has a negative impact on your credit score. You can pay everything off with the right loan solution and start fresh with a clean slate.

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Do I qualify for installment loans in Alberta with No Credit Check?

Get Payday Loans’ mission is to make financial loans an easy and accessible commodity for all Albertans.

Therefore, our online lenders in Alberta ensure that even those with a bad credit history can qualify without fear of rejection. If you’re employed, receiving a regular income, and have the financial means to pay back your entire loan amount, your chances of being approved are incredibly high.

  • Be employed for 6 months or more
  • Have been living at the same address for 6 months or more
  • Posses a valid chequing account for 3 months or more
  • Receive your pay through direct deposit
  • Not be bankrupt

What are the Documents required to be eligible for short-term loans?

Even though we don’t require as much information as a conventional installment loan lender, we still need you to provide us with some personal information.

  • 2 pieces of photo identification
  • Proof of address
  • Your last 2 pay stubs
  • A sample cheque or a pre-authorized debit form
  • Copy of your bank statements for the last 90 days

Are Online Installment Loans in Alberta right for you?

Get Payday Loans offers various online loans in Canada. Choosing the right one for your situation is important to help you meet your financial needs. Unlike cash advances or emergency loans, installment loans have different repayment terms. Before settling on a decision, you should carefully consider how long you wish to pay back the loan and interest.

Because longer repayment terms come with higher interest rates, which increase the total borrowed amount, you should make a quick budget and determine how much you plan to pay back each month before submitting your application.

Submit your application now and receive your money within 24 hours

What are the Advantages of taking out installment loans in Alberta?

Applying for an installment loan online can help finance numerous situations that require extra cash. Some of their benefits include:

Instant cash within 24 hours

Getting a loan in under a week is difficult when applying to borrow from banking institutions. In addition, the numerous documents requested prolong and complicate the approval process. We require minimal documentation to approve your application process and issue the cash within 24 hours. You can even get it within the same day you apply before 11 am during business hours.

Bad credit is not a deciding factor

While improving your credit score is a good idea, you won’t be refused because of a bad credit score. You can qualify for installment loans if you have the financial means to pay back the loan plus interest.

Manageable repayment options

With the flexibility to repay your loan based on terms that suit the borrower’s needs, installment loans can be structured to accommodate your financial situation.

Unsecured loan with no collateral

Unlike with secured loans, we don’t require you to put up your home, car or other assets to qualify for installment loans in Alberta, even with bad credit.

Start fixing your finances by applying for installment loans in Alberta and get extra money within 24 hours

If you need quick cash and your actual credit score prevents you from accessing it, contact Get Payday Loans’s team. Even with a bad credit score, you can still qualify for installment loans and overcome all your financial obstacles. So if you’re ready, then submit your loan application today!

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