Important Information

Responsible Lending Policy

Your loan application on our website will be subject to an analysis and selection process. We want to make sure that your loan amount matches your ability to pay.
This includes, mainly:

  • Making sure your income meets our criteria;
  • Checking with your financial institution to make sure you don’t have too many unpaid bills;
  • Determining if you will be able to repay the amount of your loan.

If your application meets all our criteria, it will be accepted.

Responsible Debt Collection

Get Payday Loans uses responsible collection practices that comply with the legal requirements in Canada. If for any reason you are having difficulty paying your loan, our staff will negotiate an agreement with you that respects your ability to pay. If you do not pay your payments on time, your interest may increase. You are responsible for any legal fees incurred in collecting your balance.

Missed Payments and Credit Score

Payments that have been declined by your financial institution due to lack of funds will be carried forward to the end of the contract and will incur a $40 fee. Difficulty in repaying your payments will not impact your credit rating. Your file will never be reported to the credit agencies. If you urgently need to defer a payment, call us within 48 hours.

Our Loan Services

Our professional lenders offer a variety of financing solutions to suit your individual needs and circumstances. Here are some of the services our lenders have to offer:


The loans we offer are a short-term solution. They should only be used for emergency situations where you need money quickly for basic expenses. They are in no way a long-term solution. So avoid taking out short-term loans, as they could put you in an unstable financial situation. Get your money now!

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