Apply for a loan for bad credit in Canada

A loan for bad credit is intended to solve a major issue, such as having a negative credit history from previous loans, which can affect your ability to obtain a new loan.

Why choose Get Payday Loans?

Speed and transparency

If you need a bad credit loan quickly, our simple process allows you to submit your online application in just three steps. Within 90 minutes, one of our lenders will respond. If your request is approved, your money will be sent to you within 24 hours, without the need for credit inquiries or a credit check, as a traditional lender might.

Few reasons why you should choose us:

  • Excellent service and financial support.
  • Fast approval in comparison to other bad credit loan lenders.
  • Low potential risks to your credit health and affordable rates.
  • No credit inquiry or soft inquiry.
  • Our bad credit loans are appropriate for your financial situation.
  • A straightforward credit loan application procedure
  • We provide a way out of bad credit situations and the never-ending debt cycle.
  • We provide various types of loans for people with bad credit.


Team of specialists always ready to answer you

If you require additional information, a team of experts within our company is available to answer all of your questions. We are always available to assist you with your loan application process, whether by phone or email, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Apply for a bad credit loan online right now!

The effects of bad credit

Bad credit affects more than just borrowing ability. It can also be a significant disadvantage when looking for work or rental housing. Before making a decision, most employers and building owners check the applicants’ solvency.

What is a credit rating?

TransUnion and Equifax are the two major credit reporting agencies in Canada. These credit reporting agencies investigate borrowers and assign a credit score based on a variety of factors.

The standard credit score, also known as “FICO score”, is a risk assessment tool that lenders use to determine a borrower’s solvency. It reflects your previous credit history and is determined by whether or not repayment deadlines are met. People with poor credit have a low credit score.nal loans show up on credit report.

If you need cash quickly when you have a bad credit score, banks and some financial institutions will consider you a sub-prime borrower and reject your application.

Loans for bad credit are specially established to allow you to qualify for a loan despite this obstacle, as they don’t need a credit check. So don’t hesitate to apply now!

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Frequently asked questions

A bad credit loan in a loan accessible for people with a bad credit score or a bad credit history. Learn more about how you can improve your credit score.

Loans for bad credit are mostly used to cover unforeseen expenses, to pay bills and to avoid additional charges due to bounced payments. Traditional lending institutions don’t let you use your loan as you wish. We do. It lets you navigate your future with ease, even if you don’t have an excellent credit history.

After sending your bad credit loan application, one of our brokers will call or email you to review your request. If you have submitted your request outside of our working hours, we will contact you at the start of the next working day.

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