Installment loans in Ontario

Obtaining a loan can be difficult if you have a poor credit score. However, Get Payday Loans provides online installment loans in Ontario to assist you in managing your financial situation. In case you require installment loans without a credit check, there are several actions you can take to enhance your likelihood of loan approval. At Get Payday Loans, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in challenging situations, including those dealing with medical expenses, by providing services such as Canada installment loans. We do not believe in criticizing individuals for past mistakes, and our goal is to provide financial support to those in need.

What is an installment loan in Ontario?

Our customers usually use bad credit loans to handle unforeseen expenses, pay bills, or prevent overdraft fees. These loans are intended as short-term solutions for financial emergencies.

Quick cash with Get Payday Loans

Unlike many online lenders, Get Payday Loans provides loans without requiring a credit check. We determine your eligibility based on your income, making it possible for you to receive approval for this personal loan regardless of your credit history. This online loan is easily accessible as a result.

Installment loans were developed to address the issue of being turned down for financial assistance due to past credit score errors. An installment loan is a type of agreement or contract that involves repayment over time through a set number of scheduled payments.

Things to Know About installment loans in Ontario

Prior to deciding if our installment loans in Ontario are the best option for you, there are a few important particulars you should be aware of, such as:

No Credit Check

Lenders typically evaluate your capacity to repay a loan when you apply for it. They usually do this by examining your credit score. However, our loans do not require a credit check. We recognize that your credit score may not always reflect your present financial situation.

What is Needed?

In order to authorize a loan agreement, we require some personal documentation from you. Our aim is to confirm that you can make your monthly payments without difficulty. We search for candidates who fulfill the following criteria:

  • A checking account that has been active for three months or longer
  • An address where you have resided for at least six months
  • A full-time job with direct deposit payment for a minimum of three months
  • No history of bankruptcy or wage garnishment

Documents to get an installment loan in Ontario

To obtain this information, we depend on the documents you furnish us with. The following are the documents we will require:

  • Two photo IDs
  • Two recent pay stubs
  • Proof of SIN
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income
  • Bank statement from last 90 days
  • Pre-authorized debit form or void check

How Much Money Can You Get?

We provide loans in a variety of amounts. For installment loans in Ontario, you may borrow anywhere between $300 and $3,000.

Repayment Terms

If you are approved for a loan, there are specific repayment conditions that you must adhere to:

  • Installments: All of your payments must be made on schedule. Failing to do so may result in a hike in your interest rate.
  • Rejected Payments: A fee of $40 will be charged if your bank denies payment due to insufficient funds. We will defer that installment until the end of the agreement.

How to defer a payment?

If you are having difficulty making payments, we are open to working with you. We will strive to develop an arrangement that is suitable for you. If you need to postpone a payment, please contact us at least 48 hours before the installment is due, and we will collaborate with you.

At Get Payday Loans, we do not report customer information to credit agencies. As a result, your credit score will not be impacted by your payments.


Fast approval

Our financial advisors will approve your application within a few hours and you will receive your loan instantly

No credit check

We do not check your credit score to approve your loan

100% online process

Apply for a loan from anywhere in Canada and we will send the money directly to your bank account

Premium customer service

We guarantee the best customer service in Canada with pre loan services and our qualified financial advisors

Why Choose Get Payday Loans?

For installment loans in Ontario, Get Payday Loans is the optimal option. Here are the reasons why you should choose our services:

  • Experience: Our company has been operating in this sector for 12 years. You can rely on our experts to assist you when you are in need.
  • Swiftness: Our loan application process is straightforward and only takes three steps. Upon submission, one of our representatives will contact you within 90 minutes. If your application is accepted, you will receive the funds within 24 hours of returning the loan agreement.
  • Non-judgmental: At Get Payday Loans, we do not judge our clients based on their prior errors. If you have a bad credit history, it does not matter to us. We do not conduct credit checks for our loans!

Apply now for an Installment Loan in Ontario

If you are facing a financial emergency and have a poor credit score, we suggest exploring our loan options. Our website offers the ability to apply for an installment loan in Ontario. For additional information or any inquiries, you can contact us directly or browse our website.

The effects of bad credit

Having a poor credit score not only affects your ability to borrow money but can also be a significant obstacle when searching for employment or rental accommodations. Typically, employers and landlords will review an applicant’s financial stability before making any decisions.

What is a credit rating?

Lenders use the “FICO score“, a risk assessment tool created by Fair Isaac Corporation, to evaluate the financial stability of borrowers. This score is determined by an individual’s past credit history, specifically their adherence to repayment deadlines. A low credit score is typically given to individuals with poor credit.

The benefits of consolidation

A personal bad credit loan can get you out of trouble

When your credit score is low, you may face difficulty in getting approved for a loan from banks or some lenders, as they may classify you as a sub-prime borrower and deny your application. However, personal loans for bad credit are designed specifically for such situations to help you qualify for a loan despite this obstacle. Additionally, debt consolidation enables you to gather all your debts into a single location.

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Frequently asked questions

A short-term loan is a service that allows customers to quickly get money to deal with a short-term financial problem. At Get Payday Loans we offer unsecured loans with a fast approval process. Read more about the difference between a payday loan and an installment loan.

Short-term loans are mostly used to cover unforeseen expenses, to pay bills and to avoid additional charges due to bounced payments. Medical bills or dental bills are common types of expenses that can be met by an installment loan.

After sending your request online, one of our brokers will call or email you to review your online application. If you have submitted your request outside of our working hours, we will contact you at the start of the next working day.

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