About Us

Get Payday Loans is a private lending institution that offers online loans to help Canadians out of their current financial situation.

Who we are

We have been working in this sector for 12 years already and our goal remains the same: to help people in need easily obtain financial assistance without being charged an upfront fee and available at any time.

Our Mission

Grant short-term loans as quickly as possible and become the leading provider of credit advances in Canada. To achieve our goal, we have simplified the entire loan process so you can submit your loan application with ease and receive your money almost immediately.

Get Payday Loans

Our strengths

Whatever problem you are facing, Get Payday loans can help you find the best solution to get back on track with your finances.

Fast Service

The application process is very fast with Get Payday Loans. You can get a direct money deposit on your bank account in 24 hours.

Online Service

Apply for loans in few minutes from your mobile phone or your computer thanks to our 100% online service. Applying for credit has never been easier.

No Credit Check

Unlike traditional financial institutions, we are a private lender so we will not look at your credit history or your credit score to provide you with a loan.

Safe Loans

We only work with companies in order with the Consumer Protection Bureau, and we take special care to ensure the absolute security of all our loans.

Our Vision

We make sure our services adapt to any situation. That’s why we provide revolutionary products brought to you using cutting edge technology.

About us

We focus on ethics and social responsibility within our company. Furthermore, respect for our customers, our employees and that of our partners is part of our top priority.

  • We are transparent on our loans requirement
  • We strictly abide by Canadian Law
  • We provide an excellent customer service
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